wp ulike plugin

WP ULike Plugin

wp ulike plugin WP ULike plugin allows to integrate a beautiful Ajax Like Button into your wordPress website to allow your visitors to like and dislike pages and posts. Its very simple to use and support a widget to display the most liked posts.


  • Clean Design.
  • Ajax feature to update the data without reloading.
  • Visitors do not have to register or log in to use the Like Button.
  • Compatible with WP version 3.0 & above.
  • Added automatically (no Code required).
  • Simple user like box with avatar support.
  • Custom Like-Dislike Texts.
  • Simple custom style with color picker settings.
  • Widget to show ‘Most Liked Posts’ And ‘Most Liked Users’ avatars.
  • Simple configuration panel.
  • Support RTL & language file.
  • Shortcode support.
  • And so on…

How To Use?

Just install the plugin and use this function:

<?php if(function_exists('wp_ulike')) wp_ulike('get'); ?>

OR this shortcode:


OR activate the “automatic display” in plugin setting panel.


Download the newest version of the WP ULike plugin in wordpress.org


  • Demo user
  • Asdasdasdf
  • Faramarz
  • Mohsen6404
  • Hemfrid

79 thoughts on “WP ULike Plugin

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      1. Stanislav

        lookin.styleru.org on single-news page i use

        i see wp-ulike.js file in /wp-content/plugins/wp-ulike/assets/js/
        but it is not loaded ob page either as css files.

      2. Thomas

        Should there be refernce to wp-ulike.js in the header, with exactly that name ( wp-ulike.js)?

        I see wp-ulike-scripts.js and wp-ulike-plugins.js being loaded but not a file with the exact name as mentioned above.

        My problem is that I don’t see the like button appear anywhere even though I did activate it for posts (also tried while activating it for all the “post types”). Using Tempera theme which does use wp_footer() in the footer.php file.

  4. jokẻ

    Hi u.
    Tks for nice plugin.
    i have a question. how to sort author liked ( total liked for all post of author)?
    hope that updating for next version plugin.

    p/s: sr my english so bad ;(

  5. ssamansaman

    سلام عالیه پلاگین خوشحالم که یک ایرانی نوشته این رو. دنبال این بودم که چجوری پر لایک ترین ها رو نمایش بودم و یکم ناراحت که چرا یک فانکشن براش نیست که اومدم اینجا دیدم ویجتش موجوده 🙂 تشکر از این پلاگین که ما تازه داریم استفاده می کنیم ازش در سایت همه چی توشه.

  6. kam

    hi, i have installed the plugin and added the thumbs up in about 5 places on one page. everything works fine, although when I click like on one, they all like at the same time?

  7. جاوید نوشادی

    سلام. واسه من افتخاره که یه مهندس ایرانی این پلاگین خوب و کارامد رو نوشته. تا اخر عمرم از این پلاگین توی سایتم استفاده میکنم. چون خیلی دنبالش گشتم و الان جواب داد. بازم ممنون کاکو

    1. Ali MirzaeiAli Mirzaei Post author

      ممنونم جاوید جان، واقعا نظر دلگرم کننده ای بود. ایشالا که با حمایت دوستانی مثل شما، بتونم همچنان روی توسعه این افزونه کار کنم و برای نسخه های بعد، سوپرایزهای فوق العاده ای داشته باشم 😉

  8. فرزام

    This is really really good and awsome Plugin, actually You can’t find something like this anywhere.
    واقعاً عالی و بدرد بخور، خیلی جاها دنبال چنین پلاگینی گشتم ولی هیچ جایی پلاگین به این خوبی پیدا نکردم.

  9. احمد الزهیری

    با سلام
    افزونه خوب و کار آمدیه و از همه مهمتر بسیار سبک و کلاسیک..
    تمایل دارم آن را به زبان عربی ترجمه کنم تا دوستان عرب همچون بنده از آن استفاده کنند.
    والبته مطمعنا” طرفداران بسیاری پیدا خواهد داشت.
    منتظر جواب شما هستم.

    1. Ali MirzaeiAli Mirzaei Post author

      سلام، ممنونم احمد جان. نظر لطفتونه…
      خیلی عالیه! من تا چند دقیقه دیگه فایل زبان رو به ایمیلتون میفرستم تا ایشالا برای نسخه بعد بتونیم این ترجمه رو هم اضافه کنیم. 🙂

  10. جواد

    واقعا پلاگین خوب و با کلاسیه. کاش یه کار می کردن که در بی بی پرس نیز از این استفاده کنیم. بی بی پرس هم جزء پلاگین های پرکاربرد هست .

      1. جواد

        دستتون درد نکنه الان داریم استفاده می کنیم. اما مشکلی که الان هست اینه که در پاسخ ها به موضوع که لایک می کنیم آواتار لایک کننده نمایش داده نمیشه.
        لینک انجمن

  11. جواد

    اینو چجوری اضافه کنم ؟ تو قالب من فقط تعداد لایک رو نشون میده و قابل کلیک برای افزایش نیست

  12. Kristin Reinbach

    Hi there,
    wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ – this is perfect – clean and independent. I will use it for a business 2 business page and there Facebook is simply not the ‘appreciation channel’ of choice.

    One question: It seems that I have to upload the thumb picture to use it, right? Can you tell me the image links for that? Or haven’t I noticed where I can dinf it?

    Thanks again – greets from Munich, Germany


    1. Ali MirzaeiAli Mirzaei Post author

      Hi Kristin & Sorry for my late answer.
      Thumb icon is an optional option and you can upload it from “WP ULike Setting > General > Button Icon”. Do you have a problem in upload?!?

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  14. Mark

    This plugin is great. Quick question though. I have this on a music blog, and the artists with the most likes are displayed on the front page using the widget. I had a star rating plugin prior that allowed me to display the most vote within a given period.

    For example: The posts with the most likes within the past 7 days are displayed in the widget. Instead of the most likes of all time.

    Is this possible?

  15. Alex


    Everytime i activate this plugin, then in my site wide activity i will show me a “line” when i going to post something.


  16. امیر

    اگه یه گزینه ای بذارین که کاربر بتونه انتخاب کنه دیسلایک هم داشته باشه یا نه خیلی خوب میشه
    اینجوری تعداد لایک ها جدا و تعداد دیسلایک ها جدا مشخص میشه
    همینطور با آیکون ها و رنگ های مختلف باشه خیلی خوب میشه

  17. Markus


    is it possible that the “who liked it” names are showing up immediately and not after refresh?

    thanks for the great plugin!

  18. Cyrus

    I did see my like button appear for a sec, but it is gone after that,
    and shows only the number ‘0’, what is the problem?

  19. Grace

    hello, is there a way to show the actual number of likes instead of something like “5+” or “12+”? thanks!

    i like this plugin btw. 🙂

  20. clyn

    I dont why this like button is really big problem on buddypress. Buddypress-Like pluging lots of bug sometimes delete all activity on members activity, latest version, dont add button after 20 activity or after load button. Likebtn is crazy, its hold data on their server. And Yes your pluging work, stats is good, except live notification and broken some css on my theme. Ok css can be solve but live notification is problem? Missing something? Do you have live notification?

  21. olalekan phillips

    hello I am developing a site and i want to use the wp ulike on it.. but it wont show up at all.. the title shows but the icon and counter did not show..its on he health and wellness page

  22. gambling

    I was wondering if you ever considered changing the
    layout of your site? Its very well written;
    I love what youve got to say. But maybe you
    could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with
    it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  23. Ella

    How do you make likes show in the posts loop? I have a page which I display my lists of posts on by categories, I would like to also show how many likes the posts have here.

  24. nesar

    Anybody can help me how to get public visitor can like click like,
    What i got the resulf without user can’t like or how the process

    Please help me in this case

    Thanks you


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