WP ULike Pro Vs. Free: Which One Helps You Better?

After years of developing and hearing our users’ complaints, suggestions and reviews; we developed a Pro version of our voting plugins to answer our expert users with special demands.

WP ULike Free Version

Since we released v1.0.0 of plugin back in September 2014, We tried to improve our work with every update by polishing the product, optimizing codes and fixing reported bugs while adding new features.

You get basic Like Button features and simple statistics, but it doesn’t end here. Through the years of developing this plugin, We added so many features, compatibilities, and improvements. in our latest free version you will have:

  • Clean Design + Some standard eye-catching templates.
  • Display the likers of each button in linear or pop-up mode.
  • Simple, Stylish and user-friendly settings to easily customize your plugin.
  • Extract detailed reports and beautiful, useful and simple charts in an instant.
  • Support Custom Post Types, Comments, Activities & Topics.
  • Using various hooks and functions, you can easily customize this plugin.
  • We’re light-weight, fast, responsive and compatible with Google Schemas.
  • Full myCRED (points management system) Points Support.
  • Supporting UltimateMember & BuddyPress Profiles.
  • Ajax feature to update the data without reloading.
  • Visitors do not have to register or log in to use the Like Button.
  • Added automatically with filtering options (no Code required).
  • Different logging method options. (Cookie, IP, Username)
  • Notifications System. (Custom toast messages after each activity)
  • Flexible Shortcode with variable support.
  • Supporting the date in localized format. (date_i18n)
  • BuddyPress adds activity & notifications support.
  • Simple custom style with color picker settings.
  • Support RTL & +20 language files.

Introducing WP ULike Pro Version

WP ULike Pro version works on top of our free voting plugin. We talked about the activation process completely in our documents. While maintaining all the good stuff from the free version of WP ULike voting plugin, we tried our best to develop a more feature reach extension to already great plugin.

But let’s talk about Pro version exclusive features. first of all, We added a “Dislike button” that can be used on any content similar to the “Like button”.

We understood the importance and pervasive status of Elementor Page builder, so we added Elementor compatibility to Pro version of the plugin. now you can use all of our newly designed widgets by drag and dropping to any part of your custom pages or post types.

Currently we’ve +7 widgets such as “Like Button”, “Flexible Top Posts”, “Top Comments”, “Top Activities”, “Top Topics” and “Like/Dislike Counter” elements. You can customize them to your favor by just a few clicks with our options & custom CSS controller.

Also, your feedback guided us to a new and improved statistics tools. Now you can see detailed reports, generate many types of charts for any button, and even comparing charts with several variables.

We designed +8 special and eye-catching templates exclusively for Pro version of plugin with Like and Dislike buttons alongside. And finally, you continually asked for an online Support Service. with Pro version of plugin, you will get 24/7 online support.

Resource link: WP ULike Pro Vs. Free?

All Abilities That Coming With WP ULike 2.0

new class based programming

Version 2.0 of WP ULike,  Is coming soon (Feb 2015). New features in WP ULike 2.0 can help you to observe your likes stats with new statistics abilities such as “Line charts”, “Pie Chart” and “Summary Details”. Besides, there are new class-based programming, new widgets (“Last Posts Liked By Current User” & “Most liked activities”), new “custom template” options And so on… 😉

wp ulike plugin

WP ULike Plugin

wp ulike plugin WP ULike plugin allows to integrate a beautiful Ajax Like Button into your wordPress website to allow your visitors to like and dislike pages and posts. Its very simple to use and support a widget to display the most liked posts.


  • Clean Design.
  • Ajax feature to update the data without reloading.
  • Visitors do not have to register or log in to use the Like Button.
  • Compatible with WP version 3.0 & above.
  • Added automatically (no Code required).
  • Simple user like box with avatar support.
  • Custom Like-Dislike Texts.
  • Simple custom style with color picker settings.
  • Widget to show ‘Most Liked Posts’ And ‘Most Liked Users’ avatars.
  • Simple configuration panel.
  • Support RTL & language file.
  • Shortcode support.
  • And so on…

How To Use?

Just install the plugin and use this function:

<?php if(function_exists('wp_ulike')) wp_ulike('get'); ?>

OR this shortcode:


OR activate the “automatic display” in plugin setting panel.


Download the newest version of the WP ULike plugin in wordpress.org


Wordpress Custom Fields Notifications

WordPress Custom Fields Notifications

Wordpress Custom Fields Notifications

Custom Fields Notifications is a tiny WordPress plugin that allows you to use WordPress custom fields in notification boxes. It is an easy to use WordPress plugin and can be configured quickly and easily.


  • Theme support.
  • Added automatically (no Code required).
  • Exclusive shortcode
  • Support RTL languages css file.
  • Responsive full width.
  • And so on…

How To Use This Plugin?!?

  1. Add post custom fields with information,success,warning,failure,lightbulb and messages names + sample value..
  2. use this Shortcode: [custom_fields_notifications]


Download the newest version of the “WordPress Custom Fields Notifications” plugin in wordpress.org