7 thoughts on “what’s going on ajax bootmodal login 1.2.2?

  1. Scott Boutwell

    How about adding a SETTING to set up a Custom Greeting in the Profile windows if your wp modal login plug in. Welcome Dear is not proper english in many countries. Hate having to hunt this one down each update. Sure would make life much simpler for those of us using this.

  2. Edgardo

    Interesting solution.
    I use a wordpress theme based on ZURB foundation-5, and install this plugin (disable the Bootstrap), I get the form off screen. On the Left.
    Meeting in the line:

    d i v i d=”alimir_bootmodal” c l a s s=”modal fade modal-overflow in” tabindex=”-1″ data-width=”370″ data-backdrop=”static” data-keyboard=”false” style=”width: 370px; margin-left: -185px; margin-top: 0px;” aria-hidden=”false”

    The left margin set to -185px.
    How is it possible to reconcile the plugin? with Foundation 5.
    Thank you.

    Interesante solución.
    Uso un tema de wordpress basado en zurb-foundation 5 , y al instalar este plugin (desactivo el Bootstrap), me aparece el formulario fuera de pantalla, sobre la izquieda.
    Encuentro en la línea:


    El margen izquierdo ajustado en -185px.
    ¿Como será posible compatibilizar el plugin? con Foundation 5.

    1. Ali MirzaeiAli Mirzaei Post author

      Hello Edgardo,
      Auto margins is based on bootstrap-modal.js file. So, if you disable the bootstrap modules, you can’t use modal effects with Foundation framework.

  3. Venugopal

    Hi ,
    Thanks for this plug in.Really its simply superb plug in.
    I need to registration form separately.
    Ex: If we click on login button its shows all register,login and forgot password.
    But i need to display registration separately like login button.
    Is there any short code?

  4. momo-fr

    Nice plug-in, good job.
    It lacks the ability to disable when the customer visits the site, the toolbar.

  5. Darren

    Using the plugin. It looks great. Is there a way to make it dismiss the modal by clicking outside the modal box? Anywhere on the overlay?


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