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WP ULike Plugin

Should there be refernce to wp-ulike.js in the header, with exactly that name ( wp-ulike.js)? I see wp-ulike-scripts.js and wp-ulike-plugins.js being loaded but not a file with the exact name as mentioned above. My problem is that I don't see the like button appear anywhere even though I did activate it for posts (also tried while activating it for all the "post types"). Using Tempera theme which does use wp_footer() in the footer.php file.

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WP ULike Plugin

I received emails that some of my posts were liked, but it doesn't show on the page 🙁 It's like it's not working


WP ULike Plugin

Thank you very much! U r the greatest! I Love your plugin!


WP ULike Plugin


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WP ULike Plugin

the problem was solved thanks regard